About the Bloomers Trust

Since beginning The Bloomers Trust in January 2020, we have supported over 260 small families, we have worked with other charities, women’s refuge’s, and the NHS to ensure that we can maximize our support. 

How we started

Anna Barker

Co-Founder The Bloomers Trust was set up as our co-founder Anna Barker recognised the need within her full-time role, and realised that there was a high demand for necessary baby items to victims. Initially Anna began by asking friends and family for baby items, however as the word got around, they quickly became inundated with donations and could no longer manage with the space they had at home, this was when they realised that they needed to expand! The Bloomers Trust then expanded to Kent Space were we now complete all our referrals. Our care packages are made up on predominantly clothing, toys, and toiletries, however we also support with other items when requested for example, prams, cots, baby baths, baby monitors and so much more. If it’s necessary, then we aim to provide it!