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Our approach

The Bloomers Trust has been set up to show love and compassion through the giving of essential, practical gifts which are not provided by other sources. The Bloomers Trust supplies, wherever possible, items requested by Caseworkers for vulnerable women and babies whom they are supporting. This includes: Push chairs, Moses Baskets, High chairs, Cots etc. These items will be second hand goods of the highest quality. This will also include items purchased new which are considered as essentials for nursing mums including: breast pads, maternity clothing & toiletries.

Our Cause

Here at The Bloomers Trust, we aim to provide support to those who have been affected by domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and sexual assault.

Our Work

Since founding The Bloomers Trust in January 2020, we have supported over 260 small families, we have worked with other charities, women’s refuge’s, and the NHS to ensure that we can maximize our support.

Get Involved

They are so many ways in which you can support us and get involved, including donating money, items or helping us with fundraising!

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Writing us a referral really helps us further the work that we do! Click here to make a referral.

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We need you to...

Your support will help further our work in supporting women following sexual assault, domestic violence and sexual exploitation



Volunteer your time to help us here at the Bloomers Trust and further our work.


Donate money

Any donations will help further our work in supporting women recovering from sexual assault and domestic violence.



We need your creativity to help us fundraise for the Bloomers Trust!


Donate items

Donating your pre-loved items will help us get them to women in needs!

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